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Everything your organisation needs 
in one whistleblowing channel


User management

Users, user groups and license management.



Report on KPI figures
and notifications.



We remove all identifying information from attachments.



Two-way anonymous communication and internal notes.


Language versions

We already support more than 30 languages.


Audit trail

Complete activity log.

Ilmoitusten käsittely.jpg

Case management

A clear view and tools for processing notifications. Freely editable categories for internal reporting.


SSO support and MFA

Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace. Supports two-factor authentication.

”EasyWhistle met all our criteria very well. We looked at a few other similar solutions, but in EasyWhistle's solution, the process related to processing notifications was easy to build up and training our employees has been very easy"

Markus Hänninen, CIO, Pyroll


Implementation of the whistleblowing channel

1. Preparation

Your organization should have a clear process handling incidents.
Draw up the process map, who receives the incidents and how the handling process proceeds safely.

2. Commissioning

Communicate openly and transparently to all personnel and stakeholders about the whistleblowing channel and the guidelines on reporting incidents. In many countries the implementation of the notification channel requires an impact assessment (DPIA).

3. Continuity

Follow incoming incidents regarding new cases and act within the deadlines set by local law.
Once the case has been processed, the notification can be closed or archived.
Our experts will help if you need support.


Cost-effective solution 
including all features

The cornerstones of a functioning notification channel

EasyWhistle's notification channel prioritises built-in security
and ease of use

Modern and cutting-edge security practices provide a solid foundation for software that enables companies of all sizes to meet the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive for internal reporting channels.

The software contains extensive features in an affordable package, such as anonymous two-way communication and visual case management that traditional email or online forms do not allow.


As an external service provider that ensures the total anonymity of the reporter, EasyWhistle helps you achieve whistleblower confidence. This is critical in making sure suspected misconduct is brought to light as soon as possible.


Our service


We use the best security standards to protect all data. Reporting cases is completely anonymous.


We offer full customer support for using the EasyWhistle. We can help you with channel-related questions by phone or email.


If you want to outsource the receipt of notifications or need help with impact assessment, our skilled partners can help.

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