An independent and anonymous reporting channel

With the EasyWhistle , you can report an incident completely anonymously: you don't need an email address, phone number or nickname for communication. If you include attachments to your message, the system removes all metadata from them, such as file name, time stamp and possible location information. Read more about reporting.

Making an anonymous report
and tracking it is easy


Gather the necessary information for the Whistleblowing report.
Remember that you can attach pictures if you want. The system anonymizes the attached files.


Go to the company's Whistleblowing channel via the link provided.

We recommend using  
browser incognito mode. Read the company's instructions for submitting the report.


Make a report according to the instructions. Remember to provide as much information as possible regarding the case.


Send the report and
save the tracking code give to you.

Be sure to retrieve the Tracking Code you received. This code will give you access to the case in the future.


Track the report progress through the company’s Whistleblowing channel. You may also be asked for additional information through the channel, so remember to follow the process from time to time.


Normally, you will receive a response no later than 7 days after submitting the notice.

Disclosure protected by law

With the EU whistleblower directive that entered into force in October 2019, the law sets requirements for the protection of persons reporting suspected abuse. A whistleblower must not be subject to countermeasures.

The EasyWhistle notification channel is a whistleblowing service independent of the organization's IT systems. The service is provided by an external service provider, Easywhistle Oy, Finland. The service meets the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive.

The messages sent through EasyWhistle end up in the notification portal used by the organisation, where the responsible persons receive information about the received notification. People in charge can see your message by logging in. Typically, the responsible persons are human resources and legal managers and compliance experts, as well as possibly occupational health and safety representatives.

All messages and attachments are encrypted. There is no way for anyone outside to access and read the notifications in the system. We at Easywhistle are also unable to see messages. The system audit trail function logs information about when and who opened the announcement.

We are unable to determine users' IP addresses and do not store cookies in the advertiser's browser. If you wish, you can make a notification using the browser in "incognito" mode.

With the entry into force of the EU Whistleblower Directive in October 2019, the law sets requirements for the protection of whistleblowers. The directive prohibits the retaliation of whistleblowers.